2012 Castelli Collection

Every year at Castelli an enormous amount of passion and effort goes into each range well in advance of the selling year to ensure Castelli’s corporate and indiviudal customers receive a high quality service, sales support and most importantly, products they will want.

The 2012 Castelli collection is no exception to this rule. Materials, designs, content, styles and market trends are all reviewed to ensure that the Castelli collection is second to none and can deliver what their customers have come to expect from the world’s largest diary manufacturer and multi award winning company.

The 2012 Castelli collection features an array of diary styles to suit all tastes and budgets from classic styles to the more detailed two tone or stitched designs.

This year’s collection has been extended to offer a revolutionary promotional and retail product, The Lanybook exclusive to Castelli.

The Lanybook consists of three main components:

  • The Lanybook
  • The Lanyband
  • The Lanybutton

Rimmel Lanybook 2012 Castelli Collection

And is available in either diary or notebook form in a variety of sizes.

Keep a look out for the new and exciting retail Lanybook collection coming soon.  For corporate enquiries please contact 01892 612 200.

The 2012 Castelli Collection features an array of exciting notebooks, journals and gifts as well as the popular diary collection.  For further information please visit the Castelli website.



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