Day 11 update from the Water polo team

Womens Water Polo team lining up for the Cuba game

Womens Water Polo team lining up for the Cuba game “The women’s team played against Cuba two days ago and it was our last pool game. We needed to win it to go into the top 12 of the bracket and we wanted the win more than anything. We came out a little bit slow and they scored 3 quick goals before we started to play a brilliant defence and take control of the game. The... Read More

Day 8 update from the Water Polo team

Men's South African team training session1

“We had a bad practice yesterday so it didn’t bode well for our game against the US today. They played really well. Lining up with them you could see they really wanted to win. We didn’t start well and it just carried on from there. We practiced man-up at practice yesterday and as I said it didn’t go well.  The US scored most of their man-ups in the game.... Read More

Day 6 update from the Water Polo team

Jared writing in his Castelli Ivory Jotter

“We had a bit of an earlier game today so the men’s team were all up early for breakfast.  We had a bit of a snooze in the room and carried on scribbling in our Ivory jotters before we left for the game. We had alot of improving to do today. We watched a bit of the game before us who would decide who we played in the first classification game. Japan beat Brazil 13-11... Read More

Day 4 & 5 update from the Water Polo team

South African men's training session

Day – 4 update “The Men’s team had a good training session in the morning, (although my body’s feeling sore now).  We had a good 800m warm up then did some drills and some shooting.  We trained in the same pool as China on the 7th Floor of one of the universities here. We then relaxed for the afternoon and added some logs in our Ivory Jotters and then... Read More

Day 2 Update from the Water Polo team

Water Polo Balls in Training Pool

An update from some of the South African Water Polo team. “We had a good training session this morning, guys were a bit spooked with seeing some of the other national teams and some of the best players in the world so weren’t really concentrating and was a bit embarrassing not shooting or passing well in front of them.  After our session we were asked to play the Brazilian... Read More

Water Polo tournament dates

Water polo game

The women’s first round tournament game was held yesterday against China.   Keep a look out for an update on their progress over the coming week. Women’s tournament dates and times Date of tournament Time of Tournament Detail of Tournament Sunday 17th July (1st Prel. Round) 16.20 – 17.25 South Africa vs China Tuesday 19th July (1st Prel. Round) 21.00... Read More

Flight to Shanghai

Castelli Ivory Jotters with the Women's South African team

The women’s and men’s water polo teams left Johannesburg on the 13th July to catch the 2200 flight to Shanghai via Dubai.  This will give them enough time to settle in and start training before the first tournament game. South African Women's team at Johannesburg Airport Two of the Women’s South African water polo team with their Castelli Ivory jotters.            Read More

Water Polo training camp

Castelli Ivory Jotters with South African Kit

Both the men’s and women’s final training camp was held at St Peter’s School in Johannesburg on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th July.  This was the perfect Read More  Read More

The South African Water Polo team

South African Water Polo team at Shaghai 2011

Castelli are supporting and following the journey of the South African Water Polo team in their 2011 Water Polo tournaments in Shanghai.  All of the South African Water Polo team have been given a beautiful Castelli Ivory jotter with the teams flag, date and place of 2011 Waterpolo tournament embossed on each Ivory jotter.                               This... Read More