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2018 Diary Notebooks Stationery Journals


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Your Castelli Match

The diversity of the Castelli collection attracts many different types of interesting people. See what part of the Castelli family you identify with.

The creator

My time is spent looking to shape, fashion and express myself. I can keep for all time, my artistic consciousness in the one safe place. If you are like me and need to put your personality onto paper try these items.

Rob, Herefordshire

Large Ivory Large Ivory
Jotter Sketch Book Jotter Sketch Book

The executive

As a busy professional I have a few must have items with me everywhere I go. I demand style and practicality from my mobile office. Here are some items I like to take with me wherever I go.

Joan, Manchester

Quarto Arles Diary Quarto Arles Diary
Medium Ivory Jotter Medium Ivory Jotter


The adventurer

In wanting to have new experiences I travel. I record my most wonderful experiences, refer to vital information and hold onto my treasured keepsakes. I do this with the help of my trusted travel companion. Castelli's travel journal series is perfect for those going for a little wander or for the frequent globe-trotter.

Heather, Perthshire

World Travel Journal World Travel Journal

The entertainer

I love to have people over to visit and to be our guests for the weekend. Just to relax in our company and unwind. I always look at the comments they leave in my guest book, its nice to know they have had a fab time.

Caroline, Carmarthen

Guest Book Guest Book


The planner

Keeping your head means for me that you are prepared. Some people say to me that being a planning type means you are a little boring. To become the person to whom everyone turns to you will need to rely on the best planning tools available. I use a couple of these products to keep me on the ball.

John, Northumberland

Panama Portfolio Panama Portfolio
Small Lusso Notebook Small Lusso Notebook

The socialite

I never miss a social engagement. I always carry with me a discrete pen and paper to hand to leave a note or remember an invite. Take it from me, these limited edition designer notebooks and address books, are the perfect company for all of your social occasions.

Charlotte, Bath

Fleur Address Book Fleur Address Book
Ivory Pocket Jotter Ivory Pocket Jotter


The football fan

I live with my team's season, each week through their highs and their lows. I do this with the Castelli football manager. Its ideal for the real football supporter. Enjoy your season like I do, but not too much.

William, Manchester

Football Manager Football Manager

The academic

Being an expert in 6 different subjects each week is a challenge even for the font of all knowledge like myself.

So that I concentrate on the varied subject matter I use a diary to organise my studies, organisational details I would surely forget without it.

David, Berkshire

Academic Lusso A5 Weekly diary Academic Lusso A5 Weekly diary


The busy bee

I love to be busy catching up with my clients as often as I can. I feel lucky to have my own business and to have such a varied day. I take great pride in each appointment, as my clients are also my friends. Keeping promises is an important part of my business and one that I happily respect.

Olivia, Edinburgh

Appointment Book Appointment Book

Going to get married

We are dreaming of the best of days to come. Remembering that day with photos and our guests wishes will help to keep the day alive. We're sure a classically designed wedding book will be the perfect answer. Perfect, just like our wedding day is going to be.

James and Hollie, Sussex

Wedding Book Wedding Book


The carefree teenager

My days of free spirited fun are here today and tomorrow. The time for being responsible can wait for a little while longer. Because I am always active. I like to use my notebook every day. I leave messages for my friends and family all over the place. That way I can keep in touch and let people know where I am and that I love them.

Ellie, Exeter

Small Icon Journal Small Icon Journal
Tucson Wiro notebook Tucson Wiro notebook

The master chef

Food and wine is an enduring love of mine. My busy restaurant has many regular clients that share my passion for good food. For me food is not just about the eating of it, although that is pretty special. But it is also the social enjoyment we get from food.

Alexander, Dublin

Restaurant Book Restaurant Book