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The Charity within a Diary & Paper Notebook

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Castelli's designer diary and fashion paper notebook collections have helped to positively benefit and support its chosen charities for many years. The Castelli charity mission has been developed and evolved since its beginnings in 1994.

Castelli have chosen charities in line with their beliefs and have seen some of their charities rise from relatively small beginnings, to blossom into national charites of well renown. We like to think that their success has in a small way been because of the support given by Castelli.
Castelli's charity fund programme is responsive and active. It helps charities focused with the most marginalised, stigmatised and under-valued causes of our day.

Castelli wish to celebrate our humanity through the small efforts we can make toward the well being of our environment. As custodians of the world today we want to pass on to future generations a world that is not more impoverished than the one we have enjoyed today.
Mark Poland

Castelli's are truly committed and passionate about raising money for charity. Here are just some of the organisations Castelli give their support to:
Woodland Trust

Woodland trust

Castelli support the Woodland Trust who are the UK's leading woodland conservation charity. The Woodland Trust is a charity that has experienced a swell in support over recent years. This has helped to contribute to the preservation and increased access and enjoyment to the UK's woodland.Castelli have been supporting the Woodland Trust for many years helping with key initiatives set out by the Woodland Trust.

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Road in the forest

Action Aid

Action aid

Castelli is an active supporter of this United Nations multi award winning charity. Castelli currently sponsor a little girl called Fatoumata who lives in Gambia. We are proud to say that a purchase of a paper notebook or diary helps go toward helping others. The sponsorship given by Castelli helps fund Fatoumata's education. We pledge that we will support her through her schooling so that she may have the same learning opportunities we all enjoyed. Through Actionaid our support aids the support network around schooling that may need improvement, such as the provision of a new food and seed store construction or the loaning of farming equipment. This more progressive approach helps to create a real cornerstone for Fatoumata's eduction.

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