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Diary and Notebook Environmental Credentials

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Through the sales of diares and paper notebooks, Castelli feel it is their absolute responsibility to maintain high standards of good environmental practice. Every paper notebook and diary used helps to fulfil our combined environmental responsibility. We thank you for supporting Castelli in the use of our diaries and paper notebooks.

Ecological Responsibility

Castelli are committed to protecting & enhancing the environment both locally & globally. Our simple aim is to help the sustainability & maintenance of the natural environment. Castelli paper notebooks & diaries are created with the respectful use of natural materials & an awareness for the long term sustainability of natural resources.

Environmental Responsibility

Castelli make a considerable effort to ensure all production processes involved are free of chemical elements or polluting substances & paper mills promote the use of clean energy.

How Castelli meet these Responsibilities?

Sustainable Forests & FSC Accreditation

The paper used within Castelli diaries and notebooks is sourced from carefully and responsibly selected sustainable Eucalyptus forests in Europe according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards. The papere supply is carefully monitored to ensure sustainability at every level with the utmost respect for the environment. The Eucalyptus tree has been specially chosen not only for the high quality pulp it produces but also for the benefit of almost zero wastage from each and every tree. Besides the pulp for paper used in the production of our diaries and paper notebooks, the Eucalyptus tree extracts are used in many other products such as food flavouring, candles, antiseptics, soaps, diabetes treatments and medication for respiratory and muscular conditions.

Castelli diaries and paper notebooks adhere to an accredited chain of custody that ensures good environmental practice regarding all aspects of the company's production and distribution. All Castelli diaries, Ivory and Lanybook paper notebooks are now printed on FSC accredited paper. For more information about the FSC accreditation please click here

Energy Management

It is not just turning the lights out in the evening or looking at ways to reduce the heating bill. Energy management is something that effects every minute operation we fulfill, each action we take and how we conduct our working lives. Castelli assess every action and consider it's impact. Only through this personal endeavour can we hope to safe guard our future environmental prosperity.

Diary & Notebook Recycling

Used diary and paper notebook and component parts are now 100% recycled and distributed to one of the worlds leading recyclers. Castelli continue to expand on their environmental range of products offering 100% recyclability so that the entire product can be placed directly in the recycle bin.

Recycled Diary & Notebook Packaging

All diary and notebook cartons, boxes and mailers used are made from 100% recycled products and Castelli UK are fully compliant with the Packaging Waste Regulation 1997.

Woodland Trust

Castelli support the Woodland Trust the UK's leading woodland conservation charity who dedicate themselves to protecting and creating new native woodland in the UK and plant on average half a million trees per year.

Notebooks & Diaries - Made in the E.U

Castelli notebooks and diaries are manufactured in Europe and comply with the work and human rights regulations and the environmental guidelines established by the European Committee.

We are continually investing in ways to improve our environmental management when we produce our diaries and notebooks. Helping toward a world that is no less diverse than the one we enjoy today. With your support we will continue to help shape a more positive future.
Woodland Trust