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Paper, our life long personal companion

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Personable Paper!

Paper posesses
very human characteristics - creativity, fun-filled, faithful, long living, knowledgeable and discrete.

Paper is as human as you or I.

Our affinity with this most historic of tactile material can be traced back to our own human DNA. Paper begins life as a blank canvas, it grows old and bears the marks of a lifetime of experiences. Paper has an indelible memory and it can sometimes morph into other things. Paper has very human characteristics and that is why it makes us feel happy and comfortable when we use it.

A life without paper!

To image a life without paper, we need to look at what paper has given us? The lyrics for John Lennon's 'Imagine'., Einstein's e=mc2, The theatre of Romeo & Juliette fated love affair.

Leonardo da Vinci is known primarily for his painting of the Mona Lisa, but he created many other beautiful works of art in his sketches, inventions and observations. His thoughts, described and preserved on paper are now totally revered as possibly the most important thoughts of all time. There are more than 13,000 pages of his notes and drawings produced during Leonardo's life with one of his notebooks selling for more than $30million in 1994.

Paper and it's origins

Paper began life in China, 105 AD during the Han Dynasty. The popularity of paper grew as it travelled westward via Samarkand and Baghdad. On reaching Europe it was the Muslims living in Spain and Sicily who began making paper in the 10th century. Later paper began to be used in Italy and Southern France, reaching Germany and other northern European countries by the 1400's.

Our love affair with paper continues

The legacy of paper is un-paralleled since it's creation. It is simply not possible to imagine the bible or the Magna Carta in any other form. Paper is our personal material of choice.

It is the creative essence of paper that makes it feel so human. Paper has a feel, a smell and a look that is difficult to replicate with any other resource. Combine this with the technology to print on paper and you have a devastatingly good and powerful creation.

Even simple posters and magazines from 1930's and 40's are now collectors gems, still capable of making you feel the emotion after all these years as we fall deeply in love with their elegance and beauty.

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